In A World…

In_a_World_posterIn A World…

Director: Lake Bell

Key Actors: Lake Bell, Fred Melamed, Demitri Martin

MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: Carol is a struggling voice coach who has a habit of following people with interesting accents, voice recorder in hand. She has aspirations to break into the male-dominated voiceover business and finds herself in conflict with those men that run the voiceover world.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

In A World… is, in a word, hilarious. It is funny in some of the most random ways possible, but maintains plot line perfectly. It presents the viewer with a look at a world most movie-goers don’t think about: that of the lives of the people who are the voices of movie trailers. Moreover, as most voiceover professionals are men, it presents viewers with the question, “Why are most voiceovers done by men?”

Bechdel: In A World… passes the Bechdel with flying colors. It is interesting how films that are written and directed by women are more likely to not only pass the Bechdel test but to have a more equal ratio of men and women. Why do most movie-makers only view thew world in terms of men? Anyway, this film has approximately the 1:1 ratio of equality we feminist film goers love to see. Lake Bell you’re my hero!


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